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The Elite Home Dishwashing Liquid


The dishwashing liquid does not harm hands and leaves no chemical residues on dishes with its formula, which is free of petrochemicals and contains herbal extracts and surfactants. It is not necessary to use dishwashing gloves, it is not harmful to sensitive skin. You can use it to wash trays, dishes, pots, pans, crystal and glass items that are not dishwasher safe. Suitable for wooden spoons and knives with wooden handles. Unpleasant smells are removed with the orange oil.

It can be used with confidence in baby food containers and daily cleaning of baby bottles or baby's tooth scratches. It is effective and harmless when cleaning children's toys.

Ideal for washing pet food bowls and other items. Thanks to the concentrated formula, small amounts are sufficient for large dishes.

Not tested on animals. 100% vegan. Skin friendly. Dermatologically tested.

750 ml

5% -15% anionic active (vegetable from coconut oil), 5% -15% non-ionic active (sugar surfactant), organic aloe vera juice, herbal glycerin, natural orange essential oil. 98.59% of the total components are of natural origin, 10% are organic.

Instead of washing dishes at the tap to save water and energy by washing dishes efficiently, soak the dishes in water and stick to the recommended product dosages. You don't need a lot of foam for efficient washing. The Elite Home certified organic dishwashing liquid can be added to 5 liters of warm water. It will foam enough and can be rinsed off easily.