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The Elite Home Laundry and Dishwasher Cleaner

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This is the only product for cleaning both your washing machine and your dishwasher. Because ecological detergents do not contain phosphate and petrochemical raw materials, our machines have to be cleaned every 1-2 months, but that is not difficult at all.

Regular use of the cleaner prevents malfunctions in the dishwasher and washing machine and increases durability. Limescale and grease residues are vigorously removed. The content is 100% of natural origin.

1 kg

Citric Acid, Trisodium Citrate, Lauryl Glucoside

Washing machine: pour 100 grams of powder directly into the machine drum, let it run empty at 60°C.
Dishwasher: put 100 grams of powder in the tablet compartment and sprinkle the rest in. Run at 70 C.