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The Elite Home Scouring Cream

The Organic Scouring Crem is used for gentle cleaning and polishing of stainless steel, glass, plastic and is effective on stubborn dirt and light limescale.

It is a particularly powerful cleaner for all living areas, especially the kitchen and bathroom. The highly effective formula with natural microfine calcium carbonate minerals and oil-dissolving extracts obtained from orange peels remove even stubborn dirt and grime and provide a bright shine and cleaning. The Elite Home Scouring Cream is particularly sensitive to skin and surfaces.

Contents: 750ml

30% calcium carbonate, 5-15% anionic active (herbs), 5% non-ionic active (sugar surfactant), xanthan gum (natural thickening), organic aloe vera juice, natural orange essential oil. 98.7% of the total component is of natural origin, 10% is organic.

Apply directly to the surface and rub with a damp cloth.