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Interview: Niet alleen natuurlijke verzorgingsproducten zonder schadelijke ingrediënten..

Interview: Not just natural care products without harmful ingredients..

Hem-Nature has been around for a year now. This was recently very festively celebrated with a unique discount on the entire range and a nice responsible win promotion. With this milestone, this brand new blog section on the Hem-Nature website has also been launched. We would like to kick off with an interview with the founder of the company, Naciyenur. Are you reading along?

Tell us a little about yourself, who are you? What are your passions? 
My name is Naciyenur, I am a mother of two daughters: two toddlers. I am very eager to learn and am often busy acquiring knowledge, mainly in the field of a healthy and natural lifestyle. I studied Social Work and Services at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and then worked for two years as an ambulant family counselor, mainly with so-called multi-problem families.

My passion has always been to help others. It doesn't matter to me in what way, it can be done very simply by offering a listening ear, for example. I also firmly believe that sharing knowledge with each other is playing an increasingly important role these days. The attitude towards people is essential in this regard. In my view, everyone is valuable with his or her own knowledge and qualities. My aim is therefore also to obtain personal freedom, so that I can share my own knowledge and at the same time learn from others.

Through the Hem-Nature platform, I've had the opportunity to reach out and help multiple moms, and all of that happens without us ever seeing each other. The trust that comes with this is essential to me. Hem-Nature is therefore something I do with all my heart. I get so much satisfaction out of it. Of course you will continue to face the inevitable challenges, but if something is your passion then you will find the strength to carry on.”

When did you become interested in an ecological lifestyle and chemical-free products? 
"I've always been someone who tries to be kind to nature, animals and all other living beings. From an early age I distinguished myself from my peers because I did not use synthetic perfumes, for example. Even then I tried to avoid (care) products of which I did not know the harmful ingredients as much as possible.

My interest in chemical-free products was only heightened when my oldest daughter developed eczema at five months. Because I always looked very consciously at the ingredients of the products I used, a hormone ointment from the doctor for my daughter with eczema definitely did not feel right. This couldn't be the only option, I thought to myself. And luckily I was right.

In my search for natural products without harmful ingredients for my daughter, I came across the INCIA brand. It seemed too good to be true at first, but once I thoroughly researched the ingredient list, my heart started beating: This is what I've been looking for for years! I think the great thing about INCIA is that their story has a connection with ours.

The founder of INCIA had a grandchild with eczema and started developing 'clean' products for it, because he also did not trust the regular harmful options. I am very satisfied with the products they offer and wish other mothers the same. That is why we were the first to add the INCIA products to our range outside Turkey (where INCIA was founded).'

What is your vision for Hem-Nature/the world? 
“With Hem-Nature, we don't just want to offer products without harmful ingredients. The products also all have 100% recyclable packaging. The production process is not harmful to the environment. There is also no testing on animals. We want to bring value to people in different ways. By offering good and affordable products, but also by providing information and by keeping our followers and customers engaged in innovative ways. on I share lifestyle stories more often to involve you in this. 

I believe that we are the heirs of the world and that we should take good care of it. That is also the course we want to follow with Hem-Nature. We want to make people, especially mothers, aware of the dangers of regular products and the harmful ingredients they contain. These products are not only harmful to humans, but also to animals and nature. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this yet, or not sufficiently. With the blogs that we we would like to change that.”

What advice or insight have you ever received that has shaped you and do you like to pass on to others? 
Pursue your passions but never lose sight of the most important thing in the world. For me, that's my kids and my family. 

Another principle that I think is very important to pursue in my life is: Live simple and stay positive. A person does not need much to survive, but a person does not need much to lead a beautiful life. You don't always have to go to fancy restaurants or live extravagantly for that. Nice barbecue in the garden, picnic in a nice park, take a nice walk, cook at home. These are all things that you can enjoy intensely with the right mindset.”  

What can we expect from the blogs that Hem-Nature will publish?
“Every month one to two blogs will be published on The blogs will be about topics that we all deal with in our daily lives. With the blogs we want to offer a lot of instructive information to our readers and customers. It is mainly about awareness. I can already tell you that the next topic will be about the benefits of a natural baby oil.

I wish you a lot of reading pleasure!'

The first Hem-Nature blog will be published in August.

Through: Zahra (".

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