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25% korting op alle Sun-Care met kortingscode 'BIGSUMMER'

Gratis verzending vanaf €60,- (NL-BE) Besteld voor 23:00 = morgen in huis Koop nu betaal later met Klarna

De voordelen van natuurlijke baby olie

The benefits of natural baby oil

Baby oil: who doesn't know it? Millions of bottles of this mild skin oil are sold every year. And that is not so strange. Baby oil is made to nourish and protect the skin. No wonder the oil is so popular! 

Baby oil is a mild, moisturizing and often hypoallergenic oil. This means that the oil contains little or no substances that can trigger an allergic reaction. This oil is therefore very suitable for dry and sensitive skin. 

At least, if you use the right oil! And that's where it often goes wrong. In this article we will tell you more about the benefits of natural baby oil and its effect on the skin.

The importance of healthy skin

The skin is our largest organ. The skin consists of three layers, each of them has its own function. Our skin is very important. This protects us against harmful external influences, such as UV radiation and pathogens. 

So you want to take good care of your skin. Now think of a baby's skin. This skin is extra vulnerable. Baby's skin is also much more sensitive to certain substances than an adult's. Only the very best care is therefore good enough. 

Chemicals in baby oil

At Hem-Nature we believe in how nature works. That's why we only use natural oil for the care of our children. In fact, we recommend everyone to do the same.

Why, you ask? That's because of the ingredient list of normal baby oil. Most baby oils contain chemicals. We call them synthetic antioxidants. 

Synthetic antioxidants seem harmless. Why else would they be in baby oil? However, do not forget that these substances were developed by humans in a laboratory or have a questionable origin. 

For example, parrafinum liquidum is the main ingredient of many baby oils. Parrafinum liquidum is made from petroleum. Exactly, that is the same petroleum that is used to light lamps. Although the oil is thoroughly purified, it is still a point to consider.

Why we recommend natural oil

The skin is made up of millions of pores that give all these antioxidants access to the body. And these substances are not so harmless! 

Synthetic antioxidants can negatively affect the skin, causing liver damage, mental decline, insomnia and even aggressiveness. It is therefore better to choose a natural oil that does not have these side effects.

Baby oil from INCIA

1. Baby oil from INCIA contains no chemicals. The ingredient list includes evening primrose oil, sesame oil, vitamin E, marigold oil and natural perfume. Every ingredient is of natural origin!

Because the baby oil is so pure, it is very suitable for sensitive and dry skin. You don't have to worry about an allergic reaction. The baby oil can also be used in the bath or as a hair oil. 

Against baby eczema 

2. Baby oil from INCIA also works well for cradle cap. Cradle cap is a form of eczema. Cradle cap is considered the baby variant of seborrheic dermatitis. It happens a lot. In fact, almost every baby suffers from this during the first months of life.

INCIA's baby oil safely softens the flakes that mountain causes. The flakes are then easy to remove. Your baby's scalp is hydrated. 

Build a bond with your baby

3. Do you want to get even closer with your baby? Then regularly massage your baby from head to toe with some baby oil. A lot of touch is very important for the parent-child bond. First, warm the oil between your hands. Massage your baby gently. Relaxing moment guaranteed!

Have you become curious about INCIA baby oil after reading this piece? Order a bottle of 100% natural baby oil via this page!

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Koning - November 11, 2023

Kan ik deze olie ook gebruiken bij een erge droge jeukende huid rondom mijn vagina?

Mariska Pelger - June 9, 2023

Graag zou ik meer info willen over jullie banyolie om evt mee te gaan masseren
Vanaf welke leeftijd is het
Gebruik je de olie ook bij pasgeborenen?
Hebben jullie evt proef verpakking



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