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Onze baby met eczeem: de huidaandoening achter het ontstaan van Hem-Nature

Our baby with eczema: the skin condition behind the origin of Hem-Nature

I often get the question why we started selling natural and sustainable baby care products at Hem-Nature. 

The reason? We were looking for a solution for our daughter's eczema.

It is time to tell you why Hem-Nature was founded and how our quest to remedy eczema went! 

I will tell you about our sustainable products and I give five tips to break the vicious circle of eczema in this blog. Are you reading along?

Baby with eczema

It all started when our daughter was eight months old. Her skin was covered in red spots. The GP confirmed what we as parents already thought: our baby had eczema.

I was given countless recipes and tips for creams to apply to her sensitive skin. Vaseline mix creams, creams with cortisone, creams most of which I didn't know about. My maternal instincts soon rebelled. I had a sick child with sore, sensitive skin. It didn't feel right to just put something on there.

Until her second year, I did not do aything to the eczema. This changed when we were in Turkey. On the advice of our doctor there, we had an allergy test done. 

It turned out that our daughter was allergic to cats. Unfortunately, her grandmother's cat had to find another home. This way, our daughter would no longer come into contact with cat hair. Reducing the allergic reaction helped a little, but not enough. Her eczema remained.

5 Tips against eczema

Fortunately, one day we stepped into a health food store in Istanbul. Here was a very helpful man. He told us that he had the must have tips for a baby with eczema. We still apply this man's tips on a daily basis. We learned, among other things, that eczema is aggravated by many things, so it only helps if you change your entire lifestyle. 

So very important tips! In fact: these tips against eczema laid the foundation of Hem-Nature! And because we want to help everyone with eczema, we are happy to share the tips against eczema with you. 

Tip 1: use a natural detergent

Your skin is your largest organ. The skin protects us, but it is also full of countless pores that can absorb harmful substances. We wear clothes over our skin every day. These clothes have been washed with detergent. This detergent therefore comes into contact with our skin.

By using a natural, sustainable detergent you prevent irritation and itching. A natural detergent, such as INCIA detergent, does not contain:

  • synthetic perfume
  • synthetic dyes
  • SLS and SLES, the fabrics that clean very aggressively and provide foam

Natural detergents clean in a gentle way and contain only mild ingredients, such as coconut soap. Extra nice for sensitive, dry skin with eczema!

Tip 2: not too long in the bath

Keep your child's bath time short. Only use natural baby care products such as natural baby shampoo and a natural bath oil. By bathing briefly, you avoid further drying out your baby's already dry skin. 

Tip 3: do not wear synthetic clothes

It is of course very nice to dress your child nicely! Unfortunately, most children's suits from the well-known stores are made of synthetic fabrics. 

Fibers from synthetic clothing cause more itching. This leads to more scratching and damaged skin. So avoid. 

By synthetic clothing we mean:

  • viscose
  • artificial silk
  • polyamide
  • acrylic
  • nylon

Does your child have sensitive skin? Then choose natural products, such as 100% wool and 100% cotton. Extra tip: also pay attention to the material of the bed linen and the duvet itself! 

Tip 4: avoid cow's milk and certain nutrients

We discovered that the skin reacts negatively to cow's milk. We avoid processed foods, chocolate and most sweets. This is a bit of a quest, but you get used to it pretty quickly. And everything is just as delicious!

Tip 5: use a nourishing and moisturizing gel with natural ingredients

Someone with eczema has dry, flaky skin. The skin hurts and is very sensitive. You can relieve skin complaints such as these by thoroughly hydrating dehydrated and painful skin. The INCIA nourishing and moisturizing gel has been developed especially for babies. The gel is packed with natural oils. These nourish the skin, relieving the itching and pain!

Breaking the vicious circle of eczema

The five tips have helped us immensely. We broke the vicious circle of eczema. After a month, our daughter's skin had already improved considerably. 

However, we were not there yet. 

The origin of eczema

We now know that eczema is caused by several factors. Eczema comes from within. Various sources indicate that it probably has to do with entrapment of blood vessels. 

Doctors also think that eczema may be genetic. Lactose intolerance, peanut allergy and house dust mite allergy contribute to the resurgence of eczema. The same goes for Candida (overgrowth of yeast in the gut) and vaccine injuries. 

So always pay attention to what food does, what care products you use and what kind of environment your child grows up in! Natural products are really essential.

Care set for baby with eczema

As a mother of a child with eczema, I know better than anyone how difficult it can be to find those natural products. To make it easier for other parents, we started Hem-Nature. 

Our goal is a sustainable lifestyle. We contribute to a better environment for all living beings. Our children can grow up in a healthy world.

Do you also want to contribute to a better world and are you looking for help with eczema? Then you have found what you were looking for! To help you on your way, we have put together a starter package. 

The INCIA Baby Eczema Set contains three essential products for the fight against eczema. This care set consists of INCIA nourishing and moisturizing gel for dry skin, INCIA Natural Detergent and INCIA 100% Natural Foaming Baby Shampoo. With the INCIA Baby Eczema Set you help sensitive skin and start a sustainable lifestyle.

Buy the set now and break the vicious circle of eczema. Until October 31st with a 25% discount as a thank you for all the trust in Hem-Nature!



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Neslihan Kaya-Sayim - May 23, 2022

Mijn zoon heeft sinds de geboorte eczeem. hij is nu negen maanden oud. Ik was op zoek naar een natuurlijke wasmiddel en dat was bij jullie ik ben er zeer tevreden over. En ik gebruik INCIA preventieve en natuurlijke luieruitslag gel die is ook heel goed . Shampoo die gebruik ik de merk mustela uit Turkije dat is mij geadviseerd van de arts ook tevreden.

De producten van Incia zijn heel goed. Ik ben er heel erg tevreden over topmerk!👍👍

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