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Wat is de reden voor droge handen?

What is the reason for dry hands?

The hands come into contact with various surfaces during the day and dry out due to external factors or physical problems. For people who suffer from dry hands, it is important to pay attention to the cosmetics and cleaning products they use. When we think of dry hands, we often think of the season and the environment we are in.

Cold and wind, different temperatures, frequent washing of hands and not drying the hands properly can cause flakes, cracks and damage to the hands. Whether you have oily, combination or dry skin, it is important to moisturize your hands well with the right products. The skin can be strengthened by using the right moisturizing products.

Liquid hand soap against dry hands

Cleaning the hands is important for health. Hands that come into contact with dirt and bacteria during the day can be cleaned with liquid hand soap. Washing hands too often can damage the surface of the skin. In order not to get flakes, cracks or other damage on your hands, it is important to use natural hand soap to use.

By using hand soaps with natural olive oil and other vegetable ingredients, the skin can be protected. For sensitive skin you can use a soothing hand soap with olive oil to moisturize the skin. The hands can be well cared for and feel soft due to the moisturizing vegetable ingredients and vitamins that the hand soap contains.

Hydration for dry hands

Every part of the body has a different skin type, so every part has different needs. The hands are often used and are also the most damaged. To keep the hands well-groomed, it is important to moisturize them well. In addition, it is important that the hand soaps that are used also have a moisturizing effect to have.

The synthetic hand soaps that are used often cause dry hands. To avoid this problem, you can use natural liquid soaps enriched with vegetable and miraculous oils. After washing the hands, it is important to dry them well, because damp hands are more sensitive to external influences.

INCIA handzeep

Special care for sensitive hands

Dry, cracked, flaky, red and irritated skin needs special care products. Natural hand soaps, without chemicals, fragrances and dyes, are best to use on sensitive hands. The antioxidants and natural oils will give the hands the care they deserve. In addition, it is important to eat healthy and drink enough water.

To provide your hands with the care they need, you can use the natural hand soaps from INCIA. The special formula with natural olive oil has used the forces of nature to moisturize and care for your skin.

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