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Evvahe Dogal Black Seed Oil

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 Black seed oil, the best natural remedy

  • 100% natural
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • For internal and external use
  • Can also be used as bath oil, hair oil and massage oil

The black seed oil is an agent that can be used in many ways; it has been used for centuries against a large number of ailments. The Latin name for black cumin oil is Nigella Sativa. In Dutch, black cumin is also called spikenard seed or black seed. The black cumin flower has the alternative name of nutmeg flower. Black cumin originally grows in North Africa, Central Asia and Southern Europe. 

We can see many benefits by ingesting it or applying it on our skin. It helps, among other things:

Strengthening the immune system. It is a dryer for inflammation. It is good for dry cough and bronchitis. It lowers blood sugar. It is useful for gastritis and stomach ulcers. It seems to be good for asthmatics. It prevents cancer cells from developing and spreading throughout the body. It soothes the nerves. Relieves weakness and fatigue. Heals wounds. Relieves constipation Beneficial for blood circulation. Increases milk production in mothers. It helps to reduce headaches. 

Contents: 225 ml

Usage: 1 teaspoon  for adults. In front of 1-4 years 1 to 2 drops and 
4-10 years 3-4 drops

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