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Gezonde vegan pannenkoeken met biologische ingrediënten

Healthy vegan pancakes with organic ingredients

Who says pancakes can't be healthy? Today I want to share a recipe with you. I finally managed to make healthy vegan pancakes for my girls! They call them 'chocolate pancakes', because of the color. The chocolate brown color of the pancakes is due to the organic carob flour from OTS.

But what makes the pancakes so healthy?

Instead of cocoa powder I used carob flour. I did not only add this for the color, but also because it contains many necessary nutrients. Carob is also known for being very sweet, so I didn't use sugar in this recipe.

While decorating the pancakes, we used toppings such as red fruit and jam. Of course we know that jam often contains a lot of added sugars, but we used the organic raspberry jam from OTS. This contains 0% added sugars.

I am happy to share the recipe with you, have fun making it! Don't forget to get the kids involved in the baking as it's a really fun activity for them too. They especially like to decorate (I know that from experience ;)).

The recipe

250 ml organic plant-based milk of your choice

4 tablespoons organic carob flour

2 tablespoons of organic flour

2 tablespoons organic chia seeds

6 tablespoons of water

Half a bag of baking powder

These ingredients are enough for 5 pancakes.

The process

Of course I filmed the process for you. click here to watch the reel

Have fun making and enjoy your meal!




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