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Mom to be care set

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Are you looking for a gift for a pregnant woman? For her birthday or just to congratulate her on this fantastic news? Then this sustainable gift set is what you are looking for. The Mom to be care set contains four beautiful products from INCIA: the Natural stretch marks gel cream, foaming facial cleanser, Roll-on deodorant sensitive skin and aromatherapy migra relief.

The Natural Stretch Mark Gel Cream in this set contains special acids and natural oils that promote healthy skin regeneration and reduce moisture loss. This keeps the skin soft, which considerably reduces the risk of stretch marks.

The Foaming facial cleanser is also an indispensable care product for every pregnant woman. The cleanser is unique because of the Super-Fat technology that keeps the oil balance of the skin on the right track. In addition, this product is rich in vitamin E, squalene, vinegar, castor oil and tea tree oil to nourish and protect the skin. Just what a pregnant woman's skin needs!

The Natural roll-on deodorant sensitive skin from INCIA is ideal during pregnancy, because the skin becomes thinner and more sensitive in many women. The powerful organic compounds of the aloe vera in this deodorant provide a moisturizing and soothing effect, which completely calms sensitive skin.

INCIA Aromatherapy migra relief is an aromatic oil that can help reduce headaches. The oil also provides relief and relaxation for migraines. Roll a drop on your palms and inhale deeply for optimal relaxation.